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About Spark and Scala Certification Training Course

Apache Spark and Scala Certification Training Course offer you hands-on knowledge to create Spark applications using Scala programming. It gives you a clear comparison between Spark and Hadoop. The course provides you techniques to increase application performance and enable high-speed processing using Spark RDDs as well as help in customization of Spark using Scala.

What You Will Get From This Course?
  • Understand what is Apache Spark and Scala programming
  • Understand the difference between Apache Spark and Hadoop
  • Learn Scala and its programming implementation
  • Implement Spark on a cluster
  • Write Spark Applications using Python, Java and Scala
  • Understand RDD and its operation along with implementation of Spark Algorithms
  • Define and explain Spark Streaming
  • Learn about the Scala classes concept and execute pattern matching
  • Learn Scala Java Interoperability and other Scala operations
  • Work on Projects using Scala to run on Spark applications
  • Get Ready for Hadoop Spark Developer (CCA175) Certification Exam

Who should take this Spark and Scala Online Training Course?
  1. Software Engineers looking to upgrade Big Data skills
  2. Data Engineers and ETL Developers
  3. Data Scientists and Analytics Professionals
  4. Graduates looking to make a career in Big Data

What are the prerequisites for taking Spark and Scala Certification Training?

There are no prerequisites for taking up this Apache Spark Certification training course. Basic knowledge of database, SQL and query language can help to learn Spark and Scala.

  1. Introduction to Spark
    • Limitations of MapReduce in Hadoop Objectives
    • Batch vs. Real-time analytics
    • Application of stream processing
    • How to install Spark
    • Spark vs. Hadoop Eco-system
  2. Introduction to Programming in Scala
    • Features of Scala
    • Basic data types and literals used
    • List the operators and methods used in Scala
    • Concepts of Scala
  3. Using RDD for Creating Applications in Spark
    • Features of RDDs
    • How to create RDDs
    • RDD operations and methods
    • How to run a Spark project with SBT
    • Explain RDD functions and describe how to write different codes in Scala
  4. Running SQL queries Using SparkSQL
    • Explain the importance and features of SparkSQL
    • Describe methods to convert RDDs to DataFrames
    • Explain concepts of SparkSQL
    • Describe the concept of hive integration
  5. Spark Streaming
    • Explain a concepts of Spark Streaming
    • Describe basic and advanced sources
    • Explain how stateful operations work
    • Explain window and join operations
  6. Spark ML Programming
    • Explain the use cases and techniques of Machine Learning (ML)
    • Describe the key concepts of Spark ML
    • Explain the concept of an ML Dataset, and ML algorithm, model selection via cross validation
  7. Spark GraphX Programming
    • Explain the key concepts of Spark GraphX programming
    • Limitations of the Graph Parallel system
    • Describe the operations with a graph
    • Graph system optimizations
What are the key features of this course ?

  • Online training by industry professional
  • Course Material
  • Collaboration tools for the seamless communication with trainer
  • Practise Envirnoment set-up
  • Multiple assignments and pracise on use cases
  1. What is the mode of accessing the training?
    • Training is provided only online mode.

  2. What if I miss to attend a class?
    • Every training session will be recorded and would be readily available at dispense.

  3. How do I interact with trainer for queries on subject?
    • We provide a collaboration and communication platform for interacting with the trainer real time.

  4. Will you be providing any course material for this training?
    • Yes, we do provide the course material.

  5. How do I practice, will there be any environment provided?
    • Yes, we help you set-up a cloud environment for you to practice

  6. What part of course is practical training?
    • Training would start with the concepts, then practice and theory go hand in hand and finally after course completion, participants will work on live projects.

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