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About Automation Anywhere Certification Training Course

Automation Anywhere (AA) online training curriculum provided by training is extensive, yet simple in tutorials for beginners to understand. From fundamentals to the expert level real-time solutions. Robotics Process Automation (RPA) is a software that creates software robots. In the world of increasing automation in business, Automation Anywhere allows workforce to speed up their tasks with zero-error efficiency. The RPA solutions provide organizations with better implementation adding value to the work of employees.

What are the Course Objectives?
  • Gain the practical knowledge of each and every module in the automation anywhere tool.

Who should take this Automation Anywhere Online Training Course?
  1. Business analysts
  2. Administrators
  3. IT Professionals

What are the prerequisites for taking Automation Anywhere Training?

Basic programming knowledge is enough to take this course.

  1. Introduction to RPA and Automation Anywhere (AA)
    • Overview of RPA
    • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere Architecture
    • Automation Anywhere Editors
    • Control Room View
  2. Task Editor
    • Features of Task Editor
    • Different sections in Task Editor
  3. Keystrokes / Mouse
    • Insert Keystrokes, Mouse Click
    • Insert Mouse Move, Mouse Scroll
  4. Programs / Files / Windows
    • Open program/File
    • Files/Folders
    • Window Actions
    • Log To File
    • Manage Windows Controls
    • Object Cloning
    • System
  5. Conditions / Loops
    • If/Loop
  6. Pause / Delays / Wait/ Internet
    • Web Recorder
    • Launch Website
    • Send Email
    • Internet Connection
    • SOAP Web Service
    • REST Web Service
  7. Tasks / Scripts
    • Run Task
    • Stop Task
  8. Applications
    • Read from CSV/Text
    • Excel
    • Database
    • XML
  9. Interactive
    • Prompt
    • Message Box
  10. Miscellaneous
    • Comment
    • Paly Sound
    • Variable Operation
    • String Operation
    • Clip Board Operations
  11. System
    • Printers
    • Services
  12. Advanced
    • Error Handling
    • Image Recognition
    • Screen Capture
  13. Integration
    • App Integration
    • OCR
    • Email Automation
    • Terminal Emulator
    • PDF Integration
    • Citrix Automation
  14. Security
    • PGP
  15. Automation Anywhere Advanced Features
    • Meta Bots
  16. Automation Anywhere Control Room
    • Upload / Deploy Project
    • Add AA Clients
    • Operations Room
What are the key features of this course ?

  • Online training by industry professional
  • Course Material
  • Collaboration tools for the seamless communication with trainer
  • Practise Envirnoment set-up
  • Multiple assignments and pracise on use cases
  1. What is the mode of accessing the training?
    • Training is provided only online mode.

  2. What if I miss to attend a class?
    • Every training session will be recorded and would be readily available at dispense.

  3. How do I interact with trainer for queries on subject?
    • We provide a collaboration and communication platform for interacting with the trainer real time.

  4. Will you be providing any course material for this training?
    • Yes, we do provide the course material.

  5. How do I practice, will there be any environment provided?
    • Yes, we help you set-up a cloud environment for you to practice

  6. What part of course is practical training?
    • Training would start with the concepts, then practice and theory go hand in hand and finally after course completion, participants will work on live projects.

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